Borderline Personality Disorder · Divorce · Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Just to be clear

I wish I could say my divorce was a normal one, if such a thing exists. I understand that no divorce is normal, not truly; the difference for me is that I’m dealing with more than what is typically considered normal. I wish it were anything but.

My husband, my not-quite-ex, is afflicted by what is almost certainly a cluster B personality disorder. He is not diagnosed, as is typical of those afflicted with this type of disorder as they tend to resist diagnosis. I can only go by my own research and the knowledge of my therapist as well as that of my oldest son.It has been only just over a year ago that I realized there was something terribly wrong with not only our relationship but with who he is as a person. The thing is I have known this for a long time but never had the understanding to put words to what I knew.

Now I do. I’m hoping I can share my experiences here for anyone in the same position, for anyone else who suspects the truth and doesn’t know where to begin.

Begin here. I’ll do what I can to help.

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