2016: May You Burn in Hell

Seriously, y’all. This year MUST DIE. Back in January I thought it was just me having a crappy year. Here we are in December and I find I am very obviously not alone.

We lost Prince this year. I cannot tell you how much this stabbed the heart of a certain tween someone (namely me) who grew up just outside the Twin Cities in the early 80’s and was therefore legally obligated (untrue) to devote herself to The Purple One from now until death-do-us-part. He was not supposed to die, y’all, because I am still very much alive. (I know that “to death do us part” doesn’t necessarily mean you die at the same time but IT SHOULD. I’m not even going to try to qualify that statement, it just should be, amen, so help me God.)

We also almost lost Carrie Fisher this year; she’s in stable condition as I write but so-help-me-God if this changes…??? I don’t know. I’ll probably cry a whole lot, for sure. Carrie Fisher is totally my spirit animal, not just because of Princess Leia (though that’s part of it) but primarily due to Postcards from the Edge. (If you’ve never read her books then SHAME ON YOU. Get your ass over to Amazon and rectify this oversight.)

Let me see, what else? Well, there is a matter of my doomed marriage finally coming to its eventual end. A minor thing I suppose in the overall scheme of things, but fairly major to a few like me and our two kids. I had never imagined that anything in my life could implode quite as much as the union between myself and my (almost) ex-husband, but wow. Wow.

At this point I’m no longer certain of who or what I am but I do know that whatever is ahead is better than what I’ve left behind. This blog will chronicle where I am and where I plan to be, because I’m sure as shit am not going to relive the last 17 years of mistakes. Onward and upward, y’all, because there’s nowhere but up from here.

ETA: God damn it.


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